MagicallyDelicious is a food-obsessed, photo-obsessed haven for all things delicious. It’s mainly authored by Angie Seaman, one of the food-obsessed, and definitely photo-obsessed. Other obsessions include my dog, work, friends, and family.

 Who Am I?

Angie Seaman

Head Magician,
AllRecipes.com Brand Ambassador


I’m Angie Seaman, I’m a volunteer AllStar Brand Ambassador at AllRecipes.com!  This means sometimes I receive products from advertisers, but I’m not compensated in any other way.  Products I get are only used for experience-based reviews here at MagicallyDelicious.com.

The reviews, content and opinions here are just what pops out of my brain alone.  When I’m talking about a product they’ve given me, the post will have the spoon-star image on the right with a link to this info.

I am a food and photo obsessed chick who currently lives in Chicago who uses baking as therapy.  And my most desperate wishes include: A Murphy burger.  Seafoam. Monicals pizza.  Avantis.
That is all for now.

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