Fiber One Haystacks – Sweet Treats with Healthy Hidden Inside

This isn’t my normal kind of treat, but as part of the AllRecipes AllStar program, we get monthly activities to do and this was one of them.  Fiber One sent us some cereal and our job was to make the haystacks and create an original recipe of our own.

I will admit, honestly, I’m not a fan of the cereal on its own.  It’s just my food issues I’m sure, but the texture doesn’t make me smile, and my stomach really doesn’t enjoy it.  So, this challenge was more of a challenge than normal.

That said, the haystacks are a pleasant surprise.  I can say the texture still isn’t tops on my list even with the the chocolate coating, but even I think these aren’t bad.  The peanut butter and chocolate add just enough sweet, and if I just have one or two of them, my stomach doesn’t turn them into pain and anger.

And if you’re watching your weight or your Weight Watchers points, they won’t add much to your totals, and they’re pretty filling from the fiber.

So, would I happily reach for them instead of a cupcake?  Probably not.  But they’re a nice replacement for something sweet when I’m watching my calories, and they’re super easy to make.

Click to get the recipe.

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