Breakfast Casserole


This casserole contains almost all my favorite breakfast foods.  Biscuits and gravy get cozy with some eggs and cheese…what could be better?  For me, that answer is almost always, “potatoes”.  So, I added 2 cups of home fries to the mix, layering them in over the sausage and under the eggs.  They gave it a little brown crunch, creating a texture contrast.  I went really heavy with the black pepper, which I like…and this was a slice of breakfast heaven.

It came out exactly as I’d hoped – flaky biscuits added a buttery taste, the gravy lent the pepper, and kept it nice and moist without being soupy.  It makes enough for a small crowd, and it was just me here this morning.  So when it cooled off, I wrapped each square in a quarter sheet sized piece of parchment paper and tucked them into a zip top bag bound for the freezer.

I plan to pop them into the convection oven, still wrapped in the parchment, and warm them through for 10-15 minutes at 350 whenever I want a quick hot breakfast. The parchment pouch should let them get hot and melty without drying out the eggs and biscuits.  I can’t wait to try them reheated!

Get the recipe for these here, and think about adding those potatoes.


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