Brown Sugar Sour Cream Pound Cake

Brown Sugar Sour Cream Pound Cake

We take a small break from our regular AllRecipes programming to bring you this special recipe from King Arthur Flour.  I made this tonight because it sounded good and…it is.  I had to share.

So imagine a sugar cookie in cake form.  That’s what this one tastes like.  Light and tender, this has a beautiful crumb, and pairs well with fruit and whipped cream.  It’s simple ingredients that I had on hand, but the flavor is surprisingly complex.  A little brown buttery, and the vanilla really shines through.

Be a little careful when you de-pan this one – it’s a little more delicate than it looks.  I flipped mine out of the pan and it cracked in a couple places.  But if that happens, just let it cool, slice it up and arrange the slices nicely on a tray.  No one will know the difference.  Or care – it will taste the same either way and that taste is delicious!

Get the recipe at King Arthur Flour and make this one soon!

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