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Shanny's Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the assignments for this month was an optional one – make something from the AllRecipes UK site.  Clearly I’ve stepped WAY out of my comfort zone here to make something so quintessentially British…chocolate chip cookies.

Ok maybe not, but I really wanted some chocolate chip cookies and was curious how these would turn out.  The recipe itself seemed a little bit off – a lot of flour and not as much sugar as I’m used to using in ratio.  But I must admit these cookies turned out great.

Not like Tollhouse cookies, these got a bit of a crinkle on top, and they are not quite as sweet as the chocolate chip cookies I’m used to.  They also didn’t spread much at all. But they baked into cookies that are lightly crispy around the edges, softer in the middle…very bakery like.  I’m looking forward to trying this recipe with my large cookie scooper.

In any case I’d seriously recommend giving these a go.  They’re delicious and I think with a few inevitable tweaks they could be even better :)

Get the recipe – Shanny’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

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