Sugar & spice bars


I’ve been AWOL from the blog for a bit.  Life has gotten hectic again, and the things I enjoy most seem to get pushed aside for “more important” things.

But this morning as I was looking over the list of very big things I need to accomplish, it occurred to me that I haven’t done anything I wanted to do this weekend.  Need to, yes.  Should, yes.  But not want.  So in the name of balance, I present a small want.

These bars are pretty tasty – I can’t say they’re my absolute favorites as the recipe is written but they have promise.  I’d cut the clove in half, and drizzle them with some tangy cream cheese frosting next time.  But they were a nice little break in an otherwise “have-to” filled weekend so, if for no other reason, I like them a lot for that.  Give them a try if you like a cakey little cookie that packs a spicy punch.

Get the recipe for Donna’s Spanish Bars here

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