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Chocolate Therapy


I work in online retail.  That means this time of year, I barely have time to shower, let alone bake.  But my sweet tooth has no understanding of this fact.  And my stress level requires a certain amount of chocolate to maintain an even keel.

The solution to this dilemma?  Nutella.  Cake.  In a mug – in the microwave.

Beware, this is highly addictive and incredibly simple and quick to make.  Grab some pantry ingredients and mix them up in a very large mug.  Pop in the microwave for 2 minutes or so.  Top with vanilla bean ice cream if you dare.

Devour.  Smile.  Savor.  Relax.

Get the recipe at AllRecipes.com

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Flourless Chocolate Cake


“This is the best birthday cake I’ve ever had.  Ever.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

” I went to this bakery in New York and had a flourless chocolate that was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  I took another trip back to New York just to eat that cake again.  This is better.”

“You take a bite and it seems like it should be way too sweet.  Then it’s not.  How?  I love it so much!”

Normally I would not brag like this about something I’ve made, but I am giving the credit to this recipe. Also I’m not saying it, those are quotes from my co-workers.  I made it because I was looking for something for a co-worker who is gluten free.  It turned out to be the best dessert I’ve ever made.

I’ve made this for work about three times now.  This last time I made it, I hearing people say “it’s THAT cake??” and kept seeing people hurry by my office to the kitchen to get a piece before it was gone.

So long story short, make this for all the chocoholics in your life, including those who are gluten-free.  The ingredients aren’t inexpensive – this is 18 ounces of good chocolate and a half dozen eggs.  But it’s beyond worth it.  It has the silky texture of the inside of the most decadent chocolate truffle you’ve ever had.  The recipe calls for all dark chocolate.  Normally I use 80% Lindt bars – last time I scored hard at Tuesday Morning where they were on clearance for $1 each.  But I’ve found that if I cut the dark with about 1.5 ounces of a milk chocolate bar, it gives it a great balance.  You can even blend in some semi-sweet as well – whatever mix of chocolate you use, it turns out amazing. I also usually slip some vanilla in there that it doesn’t call for.

I decorated this one with a drizzle of melted semi-sweet chocolate, but it would also be great with a fruit topping, or just a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Get the amazing recipe here.


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