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Ashley and Whitney’s Popcorn and Pretzel Sweet Snack Mix

Salty & sweet combine to create this snack mix you will not be able to stop eating.

As if popcorn on its own isn’t addictive enough.  Let’s mix it up with pretzels, almonds…now pour some white chocolate over it.  I dare you to try to stop eating this.

I had the best of intentions when I made this batch of Ashley & Whitney’s Popcorn & Pretzel Sweet Snack Mix.  I’d planned to bag it up and take it to work, safe from my cravings.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  This perfect mix of salty and sweet didn’t make it past my recliner.  Make some – it’s really easy, made even easier with Reynolds parchment.  The white chocolate doesn’t stick to anything and you can just throw away any spillover.

So, again, I’m saying make this one.  It’s quick, it’s easy.  But be warned, you can’t stop eating it.

Get the recipe at AllRecipes.com

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My Reynolds Ah-ha! moment – homemade slice & bake cookies


I started out this post thinking I was going to make these beautiful little cutout cookies, meticulously detailed with royal icing.  The best laid plans…

I have never been the best at cutouts – it all seems a bit hit or miss to me.  Getting the dough to the right texture has always been a tough thing for me to master.

As part of an AllRecipes AllStar activity, we were asked to make Karen’s Rolled Sugar Cookies.  I received a roll of parchment and some parchment sheets for my participation.

I mixed up the dough, and it seemed a little sticky but I wasn’t sure.  I chilled it, took it out…yes, sticky.

But I pressed on, rolling some flour into it and hoping for the best.  I cut a square fluted cookie…totally stuck to the cutter.  Tried again and again; no luck.

I did manage to get one square cookie out of the mess, so I decided to bake it on Reynolds parchment along with a few others that I sort of shaped from the wreckage.  Total fail.  Though they didn’t stick to the pan, and cleanup was very easy, it baked completely misshapen.  My dreams of beautiful cookies fading away.

So I sat deflated, thinking about how to salvage the project.  In my grumbling I thought I would have been better off buying a log of dough and slicing them off.  But I have dough I could slice…aha!

I took the remaining dough, and rolled it into a log inside a sheet of Reynolds parchment paper.  Then twisted the ends so that it was like a big cookie dough sausage, put it in a zip top bag and back into the refrigerator to let it firm up that way.

The next day I sliced the cookies off, formed them into egg shapes and off I went.  They baked up great!  I made a batch of royal icing (my first ever attempt) and mixed in several colors.

Again I had a few really bad looking cookies, but practice makes perfect.  By the end I had a few that I was really happy with.  I decorated on sheets of parchment to avoid getting food coloring and mess all over my kitchen table.

Reynolds really saved this project!  Discover and find more tips and timesavers when cooking with Reynolds Kitchens products here or in the footnotes of their recipes on Allrecipes.com.

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